No cook salsa! Delicious.

How to Make No-Cook Homemade Salsa

Since we’re already making tomato sauce, let’s throw some of the leftovers in a bowl and make up an easy homemade salsa. It’s actually very simple, and actually works out as cheaper than buying salsa in a store. And of course, it’s more delicious, too.

Salsa Ingredients

Get yourself four or five large tomatoes, a small red onion, as many jalapeno peppers as you think you can handle, salt, pepper, and a lime. The lime is absolutely necessary, so don’t mess around here.

How to Prepare Homemade Salsa

Finely dice the tomatoes. Dice them to the point that you’re basically crushing them into tiny bits.

While you’re at it, dice the onions and the jalapenos too. If you are getting scared, feel free to remove the jalapeno seeds. You really don’t have to, though.

Grate a bit of the lime rind into a bowl. Rind is citrus skin, by the way. A small amount is fine, somewhere around half a teaspoon. Squeeze as much juice as you can from a lime into the bowl with the rind.

Add your veggies and mix well.No cook salsa! Delicious.

Cover up the bowl and put the whole thing in the fridge for as long as possible.  One hour is a definite minimum but several hours is preferred.

Tips for Making Salsa

Eat with ALL the things!

I wouldn’t recommend making huge batches of this at once, because in my experience the freezing process doesn’t really work out too well.

If you’re having a big get together, there’s no such thing as too much salsa.

Make sure you tell everybody your salsa is homemade.

And don’t be afraid to say the word out loud. Salsa. Salsa. Salsa. Everyone loves saying salsa.

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