How to Juice a Lime

How to Get More Juice From a Lime

Using no science whatsoever it can be easily proven that most people waste the majority of their limes. You can easily get at least twice as much juice per lime just by using this simple guide. In some cases people have reported an eleventy billion percent increase in juice per lime.

Most folks instinctively chop their limes in half to get the juice out. Because the juice is inside that green thingy, most people just assume you cut it open and bam, out comes juice.

It’s not quite so simple.

How Not to Juice a Lime
Don’t do this

How to Get More Juice From a Lime

Getting the most juice out of your limes is a simple matter of technique. It can be summed up quite easily: cut the lime in five parts instead of two. Don’t cut it down the middle. That’s wasteful and totally crazy.

 First, cut your lime in three parts horizontally. Here’s a picture to help you along:
How to Juice a Lime
Cut #1

And then cut the ends off the middle piece in the same way. Here’s another picture. Pictures make things easier to explain. They’re worth like a dozen words or something.

How to Juice a Lime
Cut #2

Now squeeze it. Just squeeze out all the juice. From all five parts of your lime.

And marvel that you can now properly juice a lime for use in drinks and recipes and whatever people use lime juice for.

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