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How to Prepare Spicy Salsa

This recipe is one of many options for preparing a spicy homemade salsa. Once again, this recipe can be made without actually cooking anything, just like our recipe for no cook homemade salsa.

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Spicy Salsa Ingredients

This salsa recipe uses some more spices than our sweetened salsa recipe, so if you want something that you can prepare with few ingredients, check out the other recipe first.

For this salsa you will need two or three large tomatoes, a small sweet onion, two or three jalapeno peppers, and a lime.

And to spice, use garlic, cumin, salt and pepper, and cilantro. You will also need a bit of olive oil.

How to Make Spicy Salsa

Dice your tomatoes, onions, and jalapenos. Remove some of the jalapeno seeds if you want to reduce the spicy-hotness.

Throw everything into a bowl. Now add a teaspoon of olive oil, as much lime juice as you can get from your lime, and a chopped garlic clove.

Mix everything together, and then add a teaspoon of cumin, a quarter teaspoon of black pepper, half a teaspoon of salt, and a tablespoon or two of chopped cilantro.

Mix it all up some more, until the whole thing appears to be evenly coated.

Chill for a couple of hours, and serve with homemade tortilla chips. Or regular tortilla chips if you’re feeling less ambitious.

Tips for Making Salsa

To easily adjust the spicy-hotness of this salsa just add or remove more jalapenos or other hot peppers.

If you’re mad at someone substitute ghost peppers in for the jalapenos and wash your hands thoroughly before touching your eyes or feeding it to them and making them hate you forever.

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