Perfect BLT sandwich

How to Make the Perfect BLT Sandwich

Bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches are a simple classic. Better known as the BLT, it is a sandwich that can be prepared in under ten minutes and is stupidly delicious.

This is a great recipe that can be paired up with soup (such as this delicious broccoli soup) to make a meal, or left on it’s own for a quick, simple lunch.

Perfect BLT sandwich
Image by cyclonebill via Flickr - Creative Commons

BLT Ingredients

Bacon, lettuce, and tomato. Hopefully you already knew that.

You’ll also need bread (homemade bread is always preferred) and mayonnaise.

How to Cook a BLT

Since a BLT is basically just three ingredients on toast there’s really only one trick to making a perfect BLT.

You have to cook perfect bacon.

You should pull the bacon out of the fridge fifteen to twenty minutes before cooking. It’s easier to handle and prepare when it’s not very cold.

The easiest way to cook bacon is on a frying pan.

Set to medium heat and watch your bacon intently. Turn the bacon frequently. If left too long it can easily burn.

Cook to your preferred consistency.

While your bacon is cooking, you can slice your tomato and lettuce and begin toasting your bread.

Once the bacon is ready, smear the bread with mayonnaise and place down three to five slices of bacon. Add a bunch of lettuce and tomato.

And you can always add salt and pepper.

BLT Tips – Use a Bacon Weave

An oven baked bacon weave can be sliced into perfect squares for strangely perfect BLTs.

Pair with a soup or homemade french fries to make it a meal. (Use the bacon grease to fry the fries. It sounds crazy, because it’s so crazy delicious.)

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