A couple of homemade french fries

Easy Homemade Deep Fry French Fries

This is a super easy recipe for making delicious homemade deep fry french fries.

A couple of homemade french fries

Most people only ever eat beef flavored potato cakes, and call them french fries. As with any other food, if you make it yourself, you know what you are eating.

French Fry Ingredients

Potatoes and vegetable oil. Lots and lots of vegetable oil.

Maybe salt. Maybe.

How to Deep Fry French Fries

First things first, wash your potatoes. Potatoes are filthy.

Chop your now clean potatoes up into fry shaped bits. If you’re not sure what a fry shaped bit looks like, reference the picture above.

To make good french fries you will need to have either a deep cast iron frying pan, or an actual deep fryer. (Alternatively, you can follow this recipe for oven-baked french fries, but you should probably just deep fry them instead.)

Pre-heat your oil to about 375 degrees and drop some sliced up potatoes in there. Cook them until golden brown. Drip dry as you remove them from the oil, and add some salt if you want.

Tips for Cooking Deep Fry French Fries

  • Don’t overcrowd your fries in the oil. They’ll stick together and cook unevenly. Just be patient and do it right.
  • If you plan on making french fries often, get a french fry cutter.

    For a healthier alternative, check out this recipe for sweet potato fries.

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