Brown gravy on mashed potatoes and stuff

Easy Beef Gravy Recipe

There are two ways to make beef gravy. With beef drippings or with beef bouillon. This recipe uses beef bouillon, which is the more accessible and easy to make version of beef gravy. It is also commonly called “brown gravy.”

Brown gravy on mashed potatoes and stuff

(For a more authentic homemade gravy check out this recipe for a “from scratch” beef gravy.)

Easy Beef Gravy Ingredients

For this recipe you will need:

  • beef bouillon
  • flour
  • butter
  • and water

There’s not much more to it. Optionally, you can include an onion, very finely chopped. You can also add some salt, but it’s not really all that necessary since bouillon cubes are so salty to begin with.

How to Cook a Simple Brown Gravy

Bring a cup and a half of water to a boil in a small saucepan. Add three or four teaspoons of beef bouillon, a quarter cup of flour, and a quarter cup of butter. If you choose to use an onion or any other optional ingredient, add it at this time as well.

Whisk thoroughly until there are no chunks of flour or butter and allow the mixture to return to a slow boil. Reduce to medium heat.

Let the mix simmer at low to medium heat for five to ten minutes, or until the mixture has thickened.

Tips for Making Easy Beef Gravy

  • If you like thicker gravy, let it simmer for longer. If you like thinner gravy, don’t let it simmer as long.
  • If you choose to add an onion or a garlic clove or anything “chunky,” it is usually best to chop it as finely as you’re able to.
  • For a more authentic gravy, check out this recipe for a homemade beef gravy made with beef drippings. You probably don’t need a more authentic gravy if you’re using it for something like french fries, though.


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