They're all scrambly!

How to Cook Scrambled Eggs

Here’s the deal, you probably don’t need help making scrambled eggs.  I mean, you might.  But here’s the deal.  This is a recipe for cooking super delicious fluffy scrambled eggs.

Scrambled Egg Ingredients

Milk and eggs. Just milk and eggs.

How to Cook Scrambled Eggs

Break some eggs and put them in a bowl.  Add some milk.  Not lots of milk, just some milk to thin it out.  More milk makes them fluffier.

fluffy scrambled eggs

Alternatively you can use water, but frankly, that just tastes a lot worse and your eggs won’t turn out as fluffy. So don’t do it. This is how to cook fluffy scrambled eggs, not how to cook terrible scrambled eggs.

If you’re some sort of a savage you can just put the bowl in the microwave for like 25 seconds or however long it takes your microwave to make the eggs look “scrambly.” Don’t do that either, though.

If you’re a normal human being you’re going to want to throw a frying pan on the stove at medium heat.  You can add either a bit of butter or oil but it’s not absolutely necessary.  Fry until the eggs look all “scrambly.” And fluffy.

Scrambled Egg Cooking Tips

You can also put stuff on the eggs, of course.  You really don’t have to.  You’ve already prepared some delicious, fluffy scrambled eggs. But, you know, hot sauce is always nice.  And  cheese is good on pretty much everything.

A definite favorite is adding finely chopped spinach just before you cook the eggs. It gives them a much nicer look, and is both delicious and healthy.

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