Grilled Corn on the Cob

How to Grill Corn on the Cob

You can grill corn on the cob in aluminum foil, or just use the corn-husks. For this recipe we will assume that you’re using corn husks. Since you’re probably not crazy.

Corn Grilling Ingredients

Corn on the cob.

You’ll also need olive oil, butter, salt and possibly pepper.

Grilled Corn on the Cob
Image by Cuponeando via Flickr - Creative Commons

How to Grill Corn

Properly grilling corn requires a few more steps than simply boiling it.

Before you start, remove a couple of the outer layers of the corn husk (especially if there is many layers) and soak the corn in cold water for about ten to fifteen minutes. This helps ensure that the corn is moist and helps prevent burning.

Preheat your barbecue or grill to about 350 degrees.

Pull back the corn husks without removing it altogether. You will want to be able to re-cover the kernels. Lightly brush olive oil across the corn kernels. This is another step to prevent burning.

Place the cobs of corn on direct heat and rotate regularly. It’s important to keep an eye on the corn at this stage to ensure it is cooking evenly.

Once you have lightly charred the outer layer of husk, place the corn on an un-heated side of the grill or on the top rack of your barbecue and close it. You can leave it like this for ten to fifteen minutes. This will help heat the corn thoroughly and make sure it’s delicious.

Serve with butter, salt, and maybe pepper.

Tips for Cooking Corn

Wear oven mitts while removing the husks. It will be very hot.

When coating the corn kernels with olive oil, feel free to add garlic or any other seasonings. It will stick to the olive oil and help flavor the corn.

You can use butter instead of olive oil, but it can result in your corn on the cob being cooked less evenly.

If you don’t have time, boil your corn instead.

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