Bacon baskets

How to Make Bacon Baskets

Because bacon is already cut into nifty little strips, you can turn it into things, as shown here in our recipe for the bacon weave. But not only is it pliable, bacon is delicious. These bacon bowls are fantastic for filling with scrambled eggs for breakfast or mashed potatoes for dinner. Try them out.

Bacon baskets
Image by Yogma via Flickr - Creative Commons

Ingredients for Bacon Baskets

Bacon. It’s a basket made of bacon. Not to be confused with a basket with bacon in it, which is almost as good to have.

How to Prepare Bacon Baskets

You’re going to be wrapping bacon around the underside of a muffin tin. So you’re going to need a large cookie sheet to put your muffin tin on to make sure you catch the grease. If you don’t have a larger cookie sheet than muffin tin, don’t bother trying this, you’ll probably just start a fire.

To prepare bacon baskets put your muffin tin face down on top of a larger baking sheet. Cover the entire muffin tin with aluminum foil.

Place a strip of bacon across it and then place another strip across that to make a cross shape.

And then place another cross just slightly next to the first one. Check out the picture above to see clearly what you need to know.

Weave the bacon at the loose ends. Wrap a strip directly around the muffin tin portion.

Repeat for as many bacon baskets as you’d like.

How to Cook Bacon Baskets

Preheat your oven to 325 degrees. Cook the bacon until it is browning and slightly crispy. You want it to hold it’s shape. This should take about ten minutes.

Click here for more info on cooking the perfect bacon in the oven.

Tips for Making Bacon Baskets

Don’t worry about making them too perfect. It won’t happen. Just cook things into them that won’t leak.

If you place the bacon baskets into the underside of the muffin tin you can fill them with eggs before cooking to make an egg-in-a-bacon-basket breakfast.

Fill with mashed potatoes and cheese for a dinner bacon basket.

For more extensive options, make a bacon weave instead. Those things fold.

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